Does this keyset come with a keyboard?

No, we are only selling a PBT keyset for your keyboard.

What material are your keycaps made of?

Our current DCS/DSA profile keycaps sold on the site are all PBT.

Do the keycaps come with a keycap puller?

No, but if you purchased your Kinesis keyboard there should be a single one that comes with it.

Where are your keycaps produced?

Keycaps are produced in the US by Signature Plastics

What DCS profile are these keycaps?

They are Signature Plastic DCS profile.

Do you use your own keycaps?

Yes, we are huge fans of our DCS PBT keycaps and use them as our daily drivers.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we are only shipping within the United States.

How long will the package take to ship?

Packages will have a 1-3 day handling time. We will notify you if there are any delays.

What’s the difference between PBT and ABS?

The Kinesis comes stock with ABS keycaps. ABS plastic is thinner and ends to wear down faster and become shiny or glossy. If you’ve used any generic Dell or HP keyboard that ships with your computer you’ll notice this effect shows up on certain keys. Usually, the keys that become shiny and glossy keys are the keys that receive many more strikes and the result is the friction from the oils on your finger constantly rubbing against the keys. Think of it as erosion but instead of water you’re using your fingers. With our personal experience after using the Kinesis full time for roughly 6 to 7 hours daily, we saw this effect within a few months. ABS keys are also textureless and smooth and some say featureless.

PBT material is much tougher than ABS plastic. It’s a thicker plastic and can withstand the daily abuse of typing without getting shiny for a much longer. It’s not to say they won’t eventually shine but they will take a much longer period of heavy use before getting shiny. PBT enthusiast describes the feel of PBT keys as having a grainy sand-like texture feel which gives them a great experience while typing versus the flat featureless texture of ABS. In addition to durability, PBT keycaps change the sounds given off by the keyboard. Since PBT keycaps are thicker they offer a more solid sounding click then what is heard with ABS keys.